2013 Tour Winners!

Congratulations to all of our prize winners!  You should have been notified by your local shop that you have a prize to pick up.

Brother Sewing Machine- Carlease J.
$100 gift certificate from ALL 7 shops – Donna R.
$50 gift certificate from ALL 7 shops – Dorothy D.
Chalet- Susan L.
Rachel’s Gift Basket- Ginger C.
Joyce’s Gift Basket- Virginia J.
Mary’s Gift Basket- Faye A.
Noreen’s Gift Basket- Katrina M.
Tiffany’s Gift Basket- Nikki G.
Maureen’s Gift Basket- Carrie W.
Phyllis’ Gift Basket- Kim C.
Hummingbird Hollow $50 Longarm- Lena B.
Hummingbird Hollow $50 Longarm- April S.
Hummingbird Hollow $50 Longarm- Kimberly O.
Hummingbird Hollow $50 Longarm- Susan S.
Hummingbird Hollow $50 Longarm- Barbara P.
Hummingbird Hollow $50 Longarm- Helen W.
Hummingbird Hollow $50 Longarm- Nancy K.
Marcus Bundle- Jan D.
Marcus Bundle- Celeste S.
Marcus Bundle- Amanda S.
Marcus Bundle- Sandra D.
Gift Bags- Laura H.
Gift Bags- Alice R.
Gift Bags- Lisa R.
Gift Bags- Kara B.
Gift Bags- Sherry B.
Gift Bags- Elva S.
Vendor Gift- Kay A.
Vendor Gift- Suzy B.
Vendor Gift- Pam G.
Vendor Gift- Ollie M.
Vendor Gift- Anne M.
Vendor Gift- Debe T.
Vendor Gift- Judi B.
Vendor Gift- Kelly T.
Vendor Gift- Larke M.
Vendor Gift- Jeannine O.
Vendor Gift- Lynn C.
Vendor Gift- Crystal K.
Vendor Gift- Irene D.
Vendor Gift- Terri A.
Vendor Gift- Dawn K.
Vendor Gift- Jessie C.
Vendor Gift- Mary S.
Vendor Gift- Doris R.
Vendor Gift- Sue C.
Vendor Gift- Debra S.
Vendor Gift- Ruth C.
Vendor Gift- Karen J.
Vendor Gift- Carol G.
Vendor Gift- Karen F.
Vendor Gift- Joy B.
Vendor Gift- Susan J.
Vendor Gift- Grada L.
Vendor Gift- Cindy C.
Gas Card- Tom B.
Gas Card- Walter D.
Young Quilter- Zia S.

Also, thank you to our very generous suppliers for their door prize donations!

Red Rooster
Timeless Treasures
Swirly Girls
Robert Kaufman
Hillcreek Designs
Larry Scheckman
General Fabrics
Marcus Fabrics
Quilter’s Dream Batting
Hummingbird Hollow

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