2014 Tour de Quilt Map & Directions

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We’ve written out the directions for you, starting at Quilting Adventures in Richmond and traveling in a big circle back to QA. Choose your starting point anywhere and just travel the loop! Please use our directions rather than relying on web services and/or GPSs, as some of those may be inaccurate or incomplete. Click here to download a PDF file to make printing easier!

FROM: Quilting Adventures
TO: Quilter’s Corner
NOTE: This route has tolls – be sure to have change!
Turn left out of the shop or HUB parking lot onto Lakeside Avenue. Go 1.5 mi
Merge right onto I-95 South. Go .2 mi
Take exit 79 for I-195 towards Powhite Parkway. Go .3 mi (stay in the left-most exit lane)
Keep left at the fork, follow the signs for Powhite Parkway. Go 2.5 mi
Continue on Powhite Parkway for 5.7 mi
Take the Midlothian Turnpike/US-60 W exit; go 5.2 mi. into Historic Midlothian
Turn right onto Crowder Dr. (Wells Fargo Bank on the corner); go 322 ft
Turn left into 2nd entrance of Sycamore Square Shopping Village. Destination will be on the left; go 300 ft.

FROM: Quilter’s Corner
TO: Thread Runs Thru It
Head west on Sycamore Square; go 318 ft.
Turn left onto Sycamore Square Dr; go 322 ft
Take the 1st right onto US-60 W/Midlothian Turnpike. Continue to follow US-60 W; go 7.0 mi
Turn left onto Stavemill Rd; go 2.5 mi
Turn left onto VA-622/Dorset Rd; go 1.6 mi
Continue straight onto VA-604/Genito Rd. Continue to follow VA-604; go 10.6 mi
Turn right onto US-360 W/Patrick Henry Hwy. Continue to follow US-360 W; go 40.1 mi
Take the US-15 BUS S/US-15 N/US-360 BUS W exit toward Keysville/Farmville; go 0.2 mi
Merge onto US-15 BUS S/US-360 BUS W/Four Locust Hwy. Continue to follow US-15 BUS S/US-360 BUS W; go 1.7 mi
Turn right onto VA-40 W/Church St. Continue to follow VA-40 W; go 9.0 mi
Turn left onto VA-40 W/VA-47 S. Continue to follow VA-40 W; go 6.9 mi
Pass through the town of Phenix and go 4.5 miles. Turn left onto rt 678. Go 1 mile. Shop is one mile down on left, look for shop sign.

FROM: Thread Runs Thru It
TO: The Quiltery 
Head north on rt 678. 1 mile
Take 40 west 8.5 miles towards Brookneal
In Brookneal take 501 north towards Lynchburg.
In Lynchburg take 460 east towards Appomattox   2miles
Take the exit onto US-29 N toward Amherst/Charlottesville; go 14.5 mi
Take the US-60 exit toward Richmond/Amherst/Lexington; go 0.2 mi
Turn right onto US-60 W/Richmond Hwy; go 0.5 mi
At the traffic circle, continue straight onto US-60 W/Lexington Turnpike. Continue to follow US-60 W; go 29.7 mi
Merge onto I-81 N via the ramp to Staunton; go 3.0 mi
Continue on I-64 E/I-81 N; go 8.8 mi
Take exit 200 to Fairfield
Turn right at the bottom of the ramp to reach US-11; go 0.2 mi
Turn right onto US-11 S/N Lee Hwy. Shop is on the right at #5499.

FROM: The Quiltery
TO: Rachel’s Quilt Patch
Turn left out of The Quiltery driveway onto N. Lee Hwy/US-11; go .4 mi
Turn left onto VA-710/Sterrett Rd following signs for I-81 N
Turn right onto ramp for I-81 N; go 19.5 mi
Take exit 220 toward U.S. 11/Staunton; go 0.8 mi
Merge onto Woodrow Wilson Pkwy; go 0.5 mi
Take the U.S. 11 ramp to Staunton; go 0.2 mi
Turn right onto US-11 N; go 2.0 mi
Turn left onto Greenville Ave; go 0.3 mi
Turn left onto S Augusta St; go 151 ft
S Augusta St turns into Middlebrook Ave at the Historic Train Station
Turn into cobblestone parking lot (Depot Grill Parking sign) on your left as you come around the turn. RQP is in the low red brick building on your left.

FROM: Rachel’s Quilt Patch
TO: Patchwork Plus
Turn left out of the parking lot onto Middlebrook Ave toward S Lewis St; go 138 ft
Take the 1st right (stop sign) onto S Lewis St; go 0.1 mi
Take the 2nd right (1st stop light) onto W Johnson St; go 0.2 mi
Continue onto Commerce Rd; go 3.4 mi
(you will go straight through 4 stop lights)
Turn right (5th stoplight) onto VA-262 N/Woodrow Wilson Pkwy; go 1.6 mi
Turn left to merge onto I-81 N toward Winchester; go 14.3 mi
Take exit 240 for VA-257/VA-682 toward Mt Crawford/Bridgewater
Turn left onto State Rte 682/Friedens Church Rd. Continue to follow Friedens Church Rd over Rte 11 (stop light) and continue onto VA-257 W/Dinkel Ave (through Bridgewater College Campus) to Rte 42; go 3.3mi
Turn right (stop light) onto Rte 42 North; go 2.5 mi
Turn left onto Killdeer Ln. at Dayton Farmer’s Market.
Patchwork Plus is at the top of the hill.

FROM: Patchwork Plus
TO: That Little Quilt Shop
Head east on Killdeer Ln toward N Main St. go 180 ft
Take the 1st left onto VA-42 N/N Main St. Continue to follow VA-42 N; go 0.5 mi
Take the 3rd right onto State Rte 701/Huffman Dr. Continue to follow State Rte 701; go 0.6 mi
Continue onto State Rte 712/W Mosby Rd. Continue to follow W Mosby Rd; go 2.2 mi
Turn left onto S Main St; go 0.2 mi
Take the 1st right onto State Rte 726/Stone Spring Rd; go 1.9 mi
Turn right onto VA-253 E/Port Republic Rd; go 1.7 mi
Turn left onto State Rte 689/Shen Lake Dr; go 2.0 mi
Turn left onto VA-276 N/Cross Keys Rd; go 0.9 mi
Turn right onto US-33 E/Spotswood Trail; go 25.3 mi
Slight left onto US-33 BUS E/Spotswood Trail; go 1.1 mi
Turn left onto VA-230 E/Madison Rd. Continue to follow VA-230 E; go 10.8 mi
Keep left to continue on VA-230 E/Wolftown-Hood Rd; go 302 ft
Turn left onto US-29 N/VA-230 E/S Seminole Trail. Continue to follow US-29 N; go 17.6 mi
Merge onto US-29 BUS N/Madison Rd via the ramp to Culpeper. Continue to follow US-29 BUS N; go 2.4 mi
Turn right onto E Davis St. Destination will be on the right; go 210 ft
FROM: That Little Quilt Shop
TO: Quilting Adventures
Head west on E Davis St toward S Main St; go 210 ft
Take the 1st left onto S Main St; go 0.6 mi
Turn left onto VA-3 E/Fredericksburg Rd. Continue to follow VA-3 E; go 31.7 mi
Merge onto I-95 S via the ramp to Richmond; go 46.8 mi
Take exit 83B Parham Road West; go .3 mi
Turn left on US Route 1 South; go .9 mi
Turn right onto Lakeside Avenue; go 1 mi
Go through the light at Hilliard Road, and the shop is almost immediately on your left (6943 Lakeside Avenue). There is parking in the front, in the adjacent HUB shopping center, or in the back (accessed from Hilliard Road).